Swimming lesson lasts 40 minutes and is conducted individually or in a small group of max 2 kids. Groups are formed individually based on age and swimming skills of children involved. This allows 100% success and high training effectiveness. Swimming lessons are held once or twice a week at an appointed date and time.

For small children the lessons are held in salty water of InterContinetal hotel www.icprague.com. Price for one lesson is 400 CZK and lasts 40 minutes. The price does not include the entrance fee to the pool.

For children age 6+ the lesson are held in swimming pool of hotel Pyramida http://www.studiopyramida.cz/fitness/bazen.  The price for the lesson is 550 CZK and the lesson lasts 45 minutes. The price includes the entrance fee to the pool.
For the price of weekend and group lessons, please contact andrea@swimmingandrea.com.


* Validity of the lessons is the current school year when the payment is done.

The price exclude 21% VAT.


Cancellation of the lessons at least 24h in advance before the beggining of the class at office@swimmingandrea.com Lessons cancelled late are being charged. Lessons cancelled on time to be substituted according to the acctual schedule the week after the cancellation. The fee is not refundable.